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How do I add the StackAnywhere widget to my home screen?
Touch and hold a blank area of your home screen. The "Add to Home" menu will pop up. Select "Widget", then scroll down and select "StackAnywhere". This will launch the StackAnywhere widget configuration screen. To configure the widget you need to pick a Stack Exchange site and then enter your numeric user ID for that site (you can find this in the URL of your user page for the relevant site). When you are done configuring the widget, press the back key on your device and the widget will be added to your home screen.
How do I configure new answer notifications for a user?
In version 1.0 of StackAnywhere, notifications are linked to widgets. To receive notifications you must have a widget for that user on your home screen. You can enable or disable notifications from the checkbox on the widget configuration screen.
How do I post a question/answer/comment?
Unfortunately this is not possible in version 1.0 of StackAnywhere (or in any other Stack Exchange app). This is because the current version of the Stack Exchange API (version 1.1) only provides read access to the StackExchange network. If and when the API is updated to permit logging in and posting content, we intend to update StackAnywhere to take advantage of this functionality.
What permissions does StackAnywhere require and why?
StackAnywhere requires the INTERNET permission so that it can connect to the Stack Exchange API. RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED is required for StackAnywhere to restart scheduled checks for new answers and reputation changes (required for notifications and widget updates). The VIBRATE permission allows the phone to vibrate when new answer notifications are enabled (vibration can be turned on/off in the widget configuration). The WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE permission is required for StackAnywhere to cache images locally so that it does not have to fetch them every time. The ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE permission is used by AdMob to deliver adverts.
Why can't I install StackAnywhere on the SD card?
StackAnywhere uses Android features that do not work properly when an application is installed on an SD card.
What is the minimum Android platform version required to run StackAnywhere?
StackAnywhere requires Android 2.1 (Eclair) or later.

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