Request an Estimate

We are happy to provide an estimate for any app project but to do so we need a fair bit of detail from you about what you are looking for. The more relevant information that you can provide about your requirements, the quicker and more precisely we can estimate the amount of work involved and therefore the cost. Before completing the form at the bottom of this page, please read the notes below to see the kind of information that is helpful.


Provide a concise but complete description of what you would like the app to do. This might include descriptions of the various screens/sections that you envisage the app having, details of data that the app needs to collect from users, and what it will do with this data. Will your app need to make use of hardware features such as the camera(s), GPS, or NFC reader? Will the app be self-contained or will it need to communicate with other systems? Do these systems currently exist or will they need to be developed as part of this project? Will the app need to integrate with third-party services, for example social media networks?

Business Model

Tell us a bit about your business so that we can better understand where the app fits in and how we can help. Do you intend to charge users to download the app or will it be provided free-of-charge? Will you offer in-app purchases for either physical or virtual goods?


Are you looking for a native mobile app or a responsive web application? If you want a native app, tell us the type of devices on which you would like the app to run (e.g. iPhones, iPads, Android smartphones and/or Android tablets).

A native app is one that you would download from an app store and that is built specifically for the type of device that you are accessing it on. It provides the fastest, best integrated experience but it will only work on one platform - in other words you cannot run an iPhone app on an Android phone or vice versa (to support both it would be necessary to develop two separate apps).

In contrast, a web app would be accessed through the device's browser - typically Safari or Chrome - and does not need to be installed (instead it must be hosted on a web server somewhere). It provides a common experience on multiple platforms, including desktop computers, but may not be perfectly tailored to each and may not have full access to all device functionality.

Design / Branding

Do you have any existing design or branding that you would like us to use or will this need to be created as part of the project?