Beep Test Frequently Asked Questions

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Which variant of the Beep Test is provided by the app?
The app implements the 20m Beep Test with the first level starting at a speed of 8.5km/h and increasing by 0.5km/h with each subsequent level.
Why doesn't the app include a feature to measure out the 20m distance using GPS?
GPS is not accurate enough to be useful for this purpose. Even in ideal conditions the measurement could be out by several metres, which would render the test results meaningless. You will get more accurate and repeatable measurements by simply pacing out the distance if you don't have a tape measure.
Why did my saved scores change when I upgraded to version 2.1?
In earlier versions of the app, Beep Test scores were presented in a way that was inconsistent with other Beep Test software and resources, which made it difficult to compare scores from different sources. The latest version formats scores more conventially which means the numbers will be higher than in previous versions. Old scores are automatically converted on upgrade.
What permissions does the Beep Test app require and why?
The Beep Test app requires the WAKE_LOCK permission so that it can continue to beep even when the screen is asleep, and the READ_PHONE_STATE permission so that the beeps can be stopped when you answer a phone call.

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