Beep Test for Android

A simple application for performing a Multi-Stage Fitness Test (a.k.a "Beep Test" or "Bleep Test") using your AndroidTM mobile device. Pace your shuttle runs in time with the beeps, which increase in speed every minute. Keep going until you can no longer keep up. The software displays the current level and other useful information, including speed and cumulative distance, and records your scores so that you can track your fitness over time. On completion of the test an approximate VO2 max score is calculated for each runner.

Beep Test for Android supports multiple simultaneous runners in a single test (useful for sports coaches who wish to test several athletes at the same time).

A Beep Test is a demanding physical activity. It should not be attempted by individuals with health problems, injuries or a low level of physical fitness. If in doubt, consult a qualified fitness instructor or medical practitioner before attempting this activity.

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