Rectangular Software is an independent software development company in the UK. Based in Canterbury in Kent, Rectangular Software develops native mobile applications for Android and iOS (iPhone/iPad) and provides software development services.

Mobile devices

Custom Mobile App Development

Need a custom smartphone/tablet app for your business?
Rectangular Software can build it for you - on Android, iOS (iPhone/iPad), or both. Take a look at some of the apps we've developed for others or get in touch to discuss your requirements.



Appmonger is a graphical reporting application for Android developers who sell apps on Google Play. It fetches data from Google Checkout and displays order reports and several different sales charts on your Android mobile device.

Appmonger allows data to be filtered by time period, product and country. It includes a configurable widget and new order notifications so that you can keep track of your app sales as they happen - wherever you are.

Appmonger list view screenshot.Appmonger pie chart screenshot.Appmonger bar chart screenshot.


Search for the solution to a problem from anywhere or get notified when someone answers one of your questions while you're away from the computer. StackAnywhere is a free Android client for the Stack Exchange network of Q&A websites.

Rectangular Video Poker

Rectangular Software's touch-screen video poker for Android combines four popular video poker games (Jacks or Better, Bonus Poker, Deuces Wild and Joker Poker) in one app. Rectangular Video Poker features a slick touch-screen interface and built-in statistics so that you can track your performance over time.

Beep Test

Perform a Multi-Stage Fitness Test (a.k.a "Beep Test" or "Bleep Test") using your mobile device. The Beep Test for Android app supports multiple runners and keeps a history of scores so that you can track fitness levels over time.


How many national flags can you identify? Divided into 7 challenges of increasing difficulty, Flagpole is an educational game for Android, iPhone and iPad. Flagpole features the flags of 234 countries and territories.